We start.  approximately 500,000 eggs (10 grams) 125K PER BIN
This is one of the bins, about the size of a shoe box! in it is 3/4 of a Kilo of oatmeal, mixed with ground coconut, and yoghurt and water.  these babies love great food, and a moist environment the dark yellowish/brown spots are 125k eggs. As they hatch, the BSF larvae will go down into their food. we should be able to see them in a bit over a week, maybe 10 days.  they will grow an amazing 5000%  by the time they are full grown as they start to out grow their bins, they will be sectioned into many boxes, and in week 4 as they are about full, then they will be moved to a finishing bin, designed for easy migration of the pre-pupae larvae.

Each week we will start an additional set of bins, allowing us continual production our goal is to be priducing 3-5 tonne per day, to provide the protein needed for the pig feeds. the larvae is a perfect food as produced, for birds, ie Chickens, and most fish

BSF larvae are quite nutritious, containing a diverse group of Amino Acids and lipids. each required for a healthy feed, Additionally, they are high in the essential minerals and vitamins required for healthy feeds.
Very pleased, i will go throuf this food in 1-2 weeks this is very cool. as eggs were laid 5 days ago, and to have gone from a dust sized egg, to this is huge growth.  i expected to see a few the first day of hatching, but to see a very active mass is fabulous, and is in all 4 bins. we will move to larger bins next week. can't wait to see them in another week. Friday we order round 2, and get them growing.  Our desire is a new colony every weekonce at week 5 we are producing our own eggs, and will be harvesting for sale.

BIG NEWS!!! we meet with the Provincial Vet on Friday.  Negros is working to become one of the largest chicken and egg producers in the country. and we want to become a major source of dried larvae to sell to farmers, this benefits the farmers as well as us. the supplier of my startup colony is testing feeding only larvae and the dead adults to the chickens. in his first 2 weeks they averaged 1/2 kilo growth and his chicks are very healthy.

if we can land what I am after, we will become a major stock producer for the area, orpingtons in November/December, as this breeder, is in moulting season, so no eggs.  thursday we start on the layout of the flyhouse!!! can't wait!!
Again Thanks to all, but especially those that believe and helped fund us!